Redefining The Way Agricultural Commodities Are
Stored, Handled and Traded Globally


The revolutionary silo bag system is a breakthrough in low cost, efficient, chemical free grain storage for both dry grains and silage. The silo bag system utilizes a time-tested method (i.e., hermetic storage) and incorporates modern technology to provide producers and commodity stakeholders with an economical, flexible and safe method to store grain.

By using our state-of-the-art machinery, grain is stored in an absolute anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment. The bag is designed to stretch by 10% ensuring the grain is packed tightly and most air is expelled at filling. After sealing, the few pockets of air/oxygen are consumed by the grain breathing, thus producing a modified atmosphere, rich in carbon dioxide. As a result, diseases caused by fungi, bacteria and insects are eliminated, reducing the need to use chemicals on the stored grain.

The bagging and out-loading processes are done by means of high performance, low cost and easily transportable machines.
The silo bag system has provided agricultural producers and traders with a powerful storage and logistics solution.

Silo Bags

What is a Silo Bag?

Silo bags are a key hermetic storage technology that reduces post-harvest losses while providing an economic alternative for farmers and trading entities to gain control over marketing their stored grain between crop harvests. The cheapest, cleanest way to store almost any agricultural commodity.

Silo bags consist of three layers of polyethylene totalling 230 microns thick. The outer two layers are white to reflect solar radiation and make the bag weatherproof. The inner layer is black to block sunlight. A typical silo bag is about 60 meters long, 2.7 meters in diameter, and can store as much as 200 tonnes of grain, though they can be smaller by simply using less of the bag. When properly sealed, the silo bag is watertight and has a high degree of gas tightness to CO2 and O2.

What Can You Store?

Maize, Wheat, Oats, Rice, Barley, Sorghum, Sunflower, Soybeans, Cotton Seed and most other agricultural commodities like Silage and Harmony Chop.


Two separate machines are required to load and unload grain in storage bags.

Silo Bags

Advantages of the Silo Bag System

Exceptionally low cost per tonne of stored grain.

Grains can be stored at a higher moisture content than is allowed in traditional receival systems.

Traceability and classification of your grain regarding quality and commercial identity, like cultivars and GMO-free commodities.

Grains can be easily sampled by means of a conventional sampler.

Grain retains its quality and colour.

The bag is airtight, therefore chemicals are not normally required to control insects.

Perfect for organic commodities.

Freight costs reduced by negotiating freight rates out of peak harvest times.

Can eliminate costly harvester downtime.

Harvest times are accelerated.

Very quick implementation of large tonnage sites.

Suitable for both extreme heat and extreme cold climates.

Eliminates costly on-farm storage systems.

The on-farm storage of your grains expands the marketing opportunities of the commodity.

Store on farm with no wastage.

Storage in a year of high/excess production is unlimited.

You only buy the quantity of bags you require.

The system is portable/relocatable.

Grains can be stored as to variety, grade, protein or for any other reason.