About Us

SB International (SA) PTY Ltd was established in 2012 with the prime objective of preventing post-harvest losses and retaining quality of food grains during storage. SB International is proud to have been at the forefront introducing the silo bag storage system in South Africa.

Since those early years we have established deep relationships with our suppliers, who represent of the world’s leading manufacturers. This has enabled us to supply our customers with the highest-quality products at competitive prices. We are passionate about understanding our customers unique needs and are driven to provide each client with a complete end-to-end, bulk grain and silage storage solution regarding pricing, reliable supply and technical expertise.

Currently 16% (approximately 2 million metric tonnes) of various agricultural commodities are safely stored in silo bags in South Africa.

Our Vision

To accelerate the transition to cost-effective, sustainable food storage in South Africa and the African Continent, while increasing the profits and effectiveness of food producers.


To provide durable, bulk grain storage solutions to Africa, with efficient storage technology.

To minimise wastage of grain commodities after good harvests and due to vermin, insects, fungi and bacteria.

To empower food producers to market their produce at the right time and at the right price, while being able to optimally manage their logistic solutions.

To co-operate with government, commercial and humanitarian organisations to improve food security and agricultural sustainability on the African continent.

To do our part to reduce hunger and improve the welfare and prosperity of people throughout Africa.