Silo Bags

IpesaSilo Grain Bags

(Product from Argentina Code BI-1)

Features Three-layer film made from polyethylene with UV protection
White on the outside to reflect sunlight
Black on the inside to eliminate the penetration of sunlight
Dimensions · 5ft (1.5m), 6ft (1.8m) and 8ft (2.4m) in diameter; and 200ft(60m) in length.
· 9ft (2.7m) in diameter and 200ft (60m) or 393ft (120m) in length.
· 12ft (3.6m) in diameter and 432ft (150m) in length.
Storage Capacity For grain storage the 9ft (2.7m) by 200 ft (6m) bag is used to hold up to 200 tonnes of grain.

Preparation of Bagging Site:

  • Bags should be preferably placed on a plain, clean, well-drained lot with good accessibility and away from trees.
  • Keep the area free from weeds and animals.
  • Do not use sulphide for rodent control, it will prematurely degrade the bag.
  • Never exceed the allowed stretching limit.
  • Be aware of outside temperature differences while bagging. The bag might have resistance to stretching in low temperatures.
  • Make sure that the bag’s open-end lays at the bottom a slight hill.

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